Light Up – A cozy Mid-Autumn night from Swinburne Vietnam.


As the first project of Swinburne Vietnam Utopia Club, Light Up is held in this Mid-Autumn festival and expect to contribute happiness and enjoyment to light up a special night for disadvantaged children.


Utopia Club as known as a social club founded by students of Swinburne Vietnam with the aim of towards a better society as its name. In near future, Utopia Club plans to organize more events and activities that help disadvantaged people to get more positive value in life.


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Utopia Club members desire to contribute their enthusiasm and energy to a better society


To successfully carry out the Light Up project, all club members handmade moon cakes for sale at Swinburne Vietnam to raise funds and use the interest to buy meaningful gifts. Along with the financial donation, Light Up project also receives books and kids’ comic books to build an educational environment and reading culture to underprivileged kids. 80 moon cakes were sold out and 90 books and comic books were collected within a week.


Therefore, Utopia Club spends the raised money to organize a warm Mid-Autumn festival for disadvantaged children at Thai An Pagoda – Quoc Oai – Hanoi. During the feast, many activities are coordinated including music performances and recreational activities. Fortunately, the kids fully participate in the games and enjoy receiving presents from Utopia Club. It seems to be the first delight and memorable Mid-Autumn festival that kids at Thai An Pagoda have attended.


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Utopia Club members organize Mid-Autumn activites for kids in Thai An Pagoda


Donated books are also used to build a bookshelf for children living in the pagoda and surrounding areas to use.


“This is the first project of Utopia after the orientation week. Although the preparation is a bit rush, but all members rely on the club’s leaders so the work had gone smoothly. With my club leadership experience at high school, I believe I can fulfill my role at Utopia Club. After the Light Up project, our club is expected to elect official committees and develop more activities. I hope Utopia can represent Swinburne Vietnam and the young generation to bring better society” said Dieu Anh – President of Utopia Club


Light Up project not only brings happiness and joy to underprivileged children, but also an opportunity for Swinburne Vietnam students to unite, create beautiful friendships, and quickly adapt to new environment.


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Light Up helps Utopia club members get to know more about each other


Vu Xuan Phu – a club member shared: “As a freshman in University, it is a great opportunity for me to experience a charity as Light Up. For me, this trip is not only to create a Mid-Autumn festival for disadvantaged children, but it also helps our club members get to know more about each other, to have a deeper understanding of the club’s vision and mission. We are currently parts of the Utopia family full of enthusiasm, energy, and respect for each other.


Utopia club is expected to organize more projects contributing to society. Thus, Swinburne Vietnam is especially proud of our students who are in process of becoming global citizens with comprehensive development.

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