Signal Club – New faces of Swinburne Vietnam’s Media Club


Last week, Swinburne Vietnam Signal Club had an interview to find out members for positions including MC, Content Creators, and Filming Producers. A lot of potential candidates are found for a promising club’s generation.


To pass the interview, all candidates have to deal with challenging questions and tricky situations. Thus, the applicants seem to be nervous because most of them are new students participating in the interview.


“This year, we found out many potential candidates with previous experiences in high school. We have carefully and neatly organized this selection round, therefore, only applicants showing their best performances are chosen. In the upcoming period, the Content Creation team plans to have training sessions for new members to prepare the club’s approaching projects” Ngoc Khai – Club’s Content Manager said.


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The first interview has attracted a lot of Signal Club candidates


As a Swinburne Vietnam student club, Signal Club aims to gather youngsters who share the same passion for media works at Swinburne Vietnam. In the previous period, this media club has successfully produced projects such as Swinbiz, weekly talk shows, and Swinburne Vietnam’s event reports, etc.

Tran Nghia – Signal Club President shared: “Signal as its name expresses the creativity and most recent updating information in the multimedia industry. In media, each signal delivers each information, joy and positivity to receivers but all aim to delight everybody’s lives. At Swinburne Vietnam, Signal Club represents a sign of a new digital era with a community of enthusiasts who are passionate and willing to contribute their intelligence.”

With the spirit of “Play Hard, Work Harder”, Swinburne Vietnam media club hopes that these freshmen with creative energy will bring freshness and positive attitudes for upcoming ideas and projects.


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Lots of potential faces have been discovered


At the end of the interview, Nguyen Thao Chi – MC candidate position shared: “I have noticed Signal Club through their previous projects on Youtube and Swin360 fanpage and I believe the club’s orientation is appropriate for what I desire to learn and experience. I am currently studying Media and Communication major in Swinburne Vietnam, I expect myself to achieve media projects of my own so I hope that participating in Signal Club would be a golden opportunity for me to gain more practical knowledge. Moreover, I think I can actively contribute my ideas for the club’s upcoming works.”


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Do Duc Thuan – 1st-year student in Digital Marketing is participating in the interview 


Do Duc Thuan is a 1st-year Digital Marketing student at Swinburne Vietnam, however, he used to study at a top public university in Vietnam. Duc Thuan shares that he prefers a more creative environment which is found in Swinburne Vietnam in general and Signal Club in particular. Thus, if Duc Thuan is chosen, he not only aspires to observe more knowledge but also contribute and improve the club’s following projects.


Along with Signal Club, Swinburne Vietnam students also run diverse clubs such as Soundwave as music club, Click & Click as photography club, Swinburne Event Club, etc. These clubs are established for Swinburne Vietnam students to connect and share identical passions. To learn more about Swinburne Vietnam’s student life, let’s check out our fanpage Swinburne360.

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