Alumni Benefits & Services

Why we do it / offer these services / why should alumni be engaged with us?

The University offers a high-quality education. The quality of education improves, and the University acquires better resources. The University secures greater investment of time, talent, and treasure from alumni. As the quality of education in the University improves, students graduate with higher

potential for professional success. Successful alumni ambassadors increase the reputation of the

institution. Alumni feel pride in their affiliation with the University.


What is the outcome / what are the benefits?



As Swinburne alum, you have lifetime access to SwinEmploy – the university’s careers and employability hub. Access a comprehensive suite of resources including resume, cover letter and

elevator-pitch builders, and register for webinars and workshops. You can also apply for casual,

part time and graduate jobs through the job board.


Career advisors

As a Swinburne University graduate, you can continue to benefit from the services offered by the Career Services in order to explore local and international career opportunities and to improve your

employability potential in the period following your graduation. You can utilise the online resources on the web, apply for job listings, attend seminars, information sessions and workshops at the campus and set up face-to-face or online meetings with career counsellors.


Short courses

Swinburne offers a range of short courses and micro-credentials that target specific industry

needs so that you can upskill or reskill, fast! Swinburne Alumni receive a 10% discount on

professional development courses. Led by industry experts, they are designed to get you

ahead in your career.


Global Alumni Network

At Swinburne, there is an expanding alumni network of over 200,000 graduates in 140 countries. This encompasses many groups and networks that regularly host events. No matter where you live, there is sure to be alumni near you.


Events and Programs for Alumni

Working in tandem with the Alumni Association, the Office of Alumni Relations aims to engage alumni through an array of social initiatives.



You can gather with lecturers and other members of your respective majors to discuss current issues of interest, while enjoying the company of your fellow alumni. Senior students are also welcome to participate in these gatherings.



You can pursue life-long learning via interdisciplinary seminars offered by our lecturers and industry experts.



You can provide guidance to students by volunteering as mentors or you can benefit from the platform as a mentee for three years following your graduation.



You can attend an alumni panel and provide career advice to students interested in your respective professional/academic field.



You can attend other special events co-organised by the Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association. You can get together with alumni who are active in the same sectors in Business and Networking Events or you could organise a ‘Homecoming’ event in order to “come back” to t Swinburne Vietnam and spend time with friends. You can also celebrate your 1st, 5th and other academic or graduation anniversaries with your fellow classmates and have fun with your friends at the New Year’s Party, the Summer Party and special interest events among many other social gatherings throughout the year. You can always run into a Swinburne University graduate at any other global events, or organise it at the Office    of Alumni Relations, which serves as the meeting venue of our alumni.