What do we do / what we are?


When you first stepped into your lectures as a Swinburne Vietnam Alliance student, you became a part of the Swinburne community. Now, even though your time as a student has come to an end, you will always be an important part of Swinburne University and the Swinburne Vietnam Alliance community as a Swinburne University Graduate.

Our university is our alumni and our alumni are our university and alliance. We heartily believe that you will achieve great accomplishments in your career and be hugely successful. Your success will always be a source of pride for yourself and the University, and likewise, certainly the achievements of Swinburne University will add prestige and great value to your degree.

We hope that this website will help you find answers to your questions regarding the services and programs offered to our alumni. As you are transitioning to your post-University career, we look forward to staying in touch with you, strengthening our communication and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

Office of Alumni Relations, Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program