HEART TO HEART – Charity Campaign

‘HEART TO HEART – Charity Campaign was organized by Swinshare – Swinburne Danang Volunteer Club with the aim of raising funds for “Da Nang Center supporting for agent orange victims”. The campaign was organized in a unique way, with students selling food to raise funds.


The campaign started with the club members promoting the event on social media platforms and through word of mouth. They encouraged students, faculty members, and the local community to donate and support the cause. On the day of the event, the club members set up a food stall and started selling a variety of dishes, including traditional Vietnamese food.

The outcome of the campaign was very positive as the club members successfully raised a considerable amount of funds for the “Da Nang Center supporting for agent orange victims”. The event not only helped to raise awareness about the cause, but also provided an opportunity for the students to give back to the community and contribute to a noble cause.


The event is closely related to Sentiment Aspect which aims to reduce inequalities in income, opportunities, and access to resources. The campaign provided a platform for the students to support a marginalized group in the community, and helped to promote the importance of reducing inequalities and promoting social justice.

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