Vaaang Magazine

Throughout the Spring 2023 semester, Signal Club (Swinburne Media Club) put their heart and soul in the Vaaang magazine.

Vaaang Magazine was a project initiated by Signal Club with the hope of delving into different prospects of our daily life through the perspective of the youth in Hanoi in general, and of the young at Swinburne Vietnam in particular. Vaaang is expected to be a trimestrial magazine, presenting a series of issues on different topics with articles, interviews, photoshoots, and researches to discuss or raise awareness of the young on relevant aspects. In addition, the first issue, named ‘Vạn Hoá’, focused on the topic of Culture through the point of view of the young generation living in Hanoi.

The project ended up being supported by various business partners and well supported by the Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program community. The work done on this project were eye-opening and gave readers a chance to look into the insights of our youth.

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