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Swinburne Vietnam is the international alliance between Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) and FPT University. The delivery of the SUT courses in Vietnam is in compliance with all quality assurance requirement SUT-Ranked Top 321 of the world best universities (QS2021).

At Swinburne Vietnam, we would like to acquire an excellent faculty who is in compliance with quality requirements of SUT to deliver the course. By doing that, we hope that we can offer a great opportunity of international education for the young generation in Vietnam.

  • Position: Academic Coordinator for Global Citizen Program
  • Vacancies: 02
  • Department: Global Citizen Center; working at Swinburne Vietnam, Campus Hanoi. An international working environment that focuses on creativity, value and productivity.


Education, training and qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree from top universities in developing countries. Candidates with education qualifications from the UK, US or Australia are prioritized.
  • Experience in building and training according to international English programs for students.
  • Have an understanding and ability to integrate English language teaching and skills such as presentation, teamwork, debate, analytical thinking, creativity, research ability, leadership (referred to as Global Citizens skills).

Required qualities:

  • Always have a creative and innovative mind.
  • Working with customers, understanding customers and always thinking of value for customers.
  • Perseverance and attention to every detail of the training service process.
  • Ability to communicate and handle work problems.
  • 100% English communication with students and teachers.

Other requirements:

  • Able to use English fluently.
  • Using 100% English in activities with students, activities and events of the University.


  1. Coordinating in research and development of global citizenship skills training programs.
  • Research and develop English training based on international standard programs. The goal is to get international certifications (eg IELTS)
  • Research and integrate teaching soft skills into exercises and projects in the process of advanced training in English.
  • Soft skills that need training are skills that prepare them for studying and working in an international environment such as presentation, teamwork, debate, analytical thinking, critical thinking, creativity, skills research, international study skills, leadership (referred to as global citizenship skills),
  1. Organizing and implementing programs
  • Directly organize training according to the program.
  • Coordinate search and introduction to recruit suitable teachers according to training requirements.
  • Organize and manage the center operations: student services, teacher management, feedback, activities.
  • Ensure the professionalism, principles and discipline of a 100% English-speaking learning environment.
  • Evaluate results and improve the program.
  • Ensure the quality of training according to the output standards of the program.
  • Report progress results.

Work Organization:

  • The Global Citizen Program will have 3-5 employees to carry out the work depending on the stage of operation;
  • Reporting directly to the Program Director at Swinburne Hanoi;
  • Monthly salary and year-end bonus as agreed;
  • Can earn income if participating in teaching activities, leading training projects for students;
  • Income from performance bonus;
  • Trained according to Swinburne standards with training managers.

Interested candidates please submit your information HERE and send your CV + proofs of certification to duantc@fe.edu.vn