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Integrated Marketing Communication


MKT20021      |       12.5 Credit Points       |       Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Duration                                             Contact hours

One Semester                                       36 hours


MKT10007 Fundamentals of Marketing



Aims and Objectives

The primary aim of this unit is to explore the use of marketing communication to build and sustain brands, based on knowledge of how communication works, the institutions which participate in the process, and the practical business processes necessary to achieve and measure defined communication goals. In particular, students will be able to understand the integrated nature of communication and develop a full appreciation of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, publicity and direct marketing in a digital and contemporary environment.

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1. Demonstrate and apply integrated discipline and professional practice knowledge, including knowledge of relevant marketing communication research principles and methods.
2. Exercise creativity and intellectual independence and make informed decisions and judgements in planning, designing, and executing strategic and research-based responses to address marketing communication real world issues and problems
3. Use information literacy skills and communicate effectively and professionally in written and oral forms appropriate for diverse purposes, contexts and audiences
4. Apply teamwork knowledge and skills for effective collaboration across a range of activities and contexts
5. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of socially responsible behaviour in analysing and addressing integrated marketing communication business issues and reflect on the responsibilities and impacts of organisations in national and international business contexts

General Skills Outcome

• Problem solving skills
• Analysis skills
• Communication skills
• Ability to tackle unfamiliar problems, and
• Ability to work independently and
• Teamwork skills