[INDUSTRY LINK] BUS 10012 Innovative Business Practice

BUS 10012 Innovative Business Practice

  • Lecturer: Mr Maarten Tak
  • Guest speaker: Mr. Barak Ekshtein – Founder, Director of TONTOTON
  • Ms Ha Phung – Australian Alumnia
  • Mr Benjamin Eysermans – Entrepreneur of Bao Living in Belgium
  • Topic: ” How about the social impact startups”
Mr Maarten Media

The role of innovation is a core theme with students encouraged to use curiosity and creativity to explore opportunities and to evaluate these. Therefore, Innovative Business Practice focuses on self-awareness, the development of a professional identity, communication and the development of effective teamwork skills. In week 3, students will have the opportunity to discuss with guest speakers about the topic of startups Please join in your session and discuss together about ” How about the social impact startups”! Note: the session will be held online, so join the class in conference as usual and the lecturer will show you how to access it.

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