[INDUSTRY LINK] MDA10008 Global Media Industries

MDA10008 Global Media Industries

  • Guest speaker: Mr. Pham Quy Trong
  • Head of Internal Affairs, Propaganda Magazine, Central Propaganda Committee
  • Time: 9am to 11am, Wednesday 26th May 2021
  • Topic: Localisation of Global Media Products: case studies and implication for future media producers in Vietnam market

Mr Trong Media

Global Media Industries will study about global trends in a range of media activities, and deliver to students the skills and knowledge to work internationally in fields of marketing, media regulation, content creation and journalism…..In this unit, students has opportunities to research and touch real case studies. Case studies will specify students with understandings how media organizations balance between “local” and “global”. In week 3, our special guest speaker will share more detailed about this content

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