Break the Gender Barrier

Gender equality is one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. This objective is aimed at closing the gender gap, contributing to the elimination of gender discrimination, creating equal opportunities for men and women to develop; towards an equal and civilized society.

However, in reality, achieving gender equality faces many challenges, especially because of gender stereotypes. This prejudice affects the career choices and development of each individual in society. Workshop: “BREAK THE GENDER BARRIER” can help you to find solutions to the above problems.


During the event, our speakers exchanged and discussed with the audience common issues relating to gender, especially in the workplace. Also the game “BREAKING” provide a multi-dimensional perspective of gender equality in the career, with more than 60 jobs to be argued.


This event is related to Common – Wealth Aspect as it encourages individuals and organizations to participate in and organize events that promote a positive community about gender equality.

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