Academic Debate Culture Workshop

The Academic Debate Culture Workshop series consists of two events, aimed at helping participants develop their debating and communication skills.

The first workshop, “Unlock your academic debating potential,” provides participants with a new perspective on academic debates and teaches them new knowledge and debating skills. Participants also have the opportunity to connect and share their voices with specialists and teams of The Debate Challenge 2023 to learn and discover the debate. This workshop helps participants develop their critical thinking and communication skills, which are essential for building sustainable communities.

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The second workshop, “Speak to Win,” focuses on helping high school students gain practical experience in debating and communication. Through the workshop, participants practice the skills and knowledge required for an academic debate, from the preparatory steps to officially performing the debates according to the standard format of universities. They also receive feedback from expert judges on how to improve their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths.

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The workshop series is an excellent initiative aimed at improving the education system’s quality by fostering critical thinking and communication skills among students. By organizing these workshops, students can gain practical knowledge and skills required for academic debates, preparing them for university-level academic discussions. The workshop series is aligned with SDG 4, which aims to provide quality education for all. The initiative focuses on developing skills that are necessary for higher education and, thus, improves the chances of students’ success.

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