Bat Trang Trip

As a space to preserve and spread traditional cultural values, Bat Trang Pottery Village was formed during the Ly Dynasty. Experiencing more than 500 years of history with many ups and downs at the same time, the name Bat Trang still exists and is growing now.
We were pleased to announce the event to visit and experience Bat Trang. The trip and experience of moulding and decorating pottery at Bat Trang Pottery Village will help students understand more about Vietnam’s traditional art and culture. In addition, applying healing arts therapy helps students release pressure and stress and prepare for a new year with new intentions and plans. Exploration and experiential trips will help students connect, improve leadership and patience, and build community.


This activity successfully represented SDG 9 with target 9.1, in which infrastructure must be developed in a quality and resilient way, to support economic development and human well-being in general.

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