Fansipan Hike 2022 – Conquer the Challenge

In April 2022, Swinburne Vietnam took on the ‘CONQUER THE MOUNTAIN’ trekking challenge to the summit of Fansipan! Fansipan Mountain – located in Northern Lao Cai province – is not only the highest but one of the most magnificent mountains in the whole of Vietnam. Standing at 3,143 meters above sea level, surrounded by rolling hills and dense jungle, it is considered to be ‘The Roof of Indochina’, and one of the toughest outdoor challenges our nation has to offer.

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Throughout the trek, our hikers pushed themselves to overcome the challenges, worked in teams to lead and support each other, while admiring the beauty of nature and keeping the mountain clean from trash.

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This experience had a hands-on link to the ‘Sustainable development goals’ (SDG 3 & SDG 15), making this hike a meaningful trip for not only individuals, but for the society as well. The students were encouraged to overcome their monumental physical and mental challenges throughout the hike (SDG 3), while cleaning the environment around them, which contributes to a better ecosystem (SDG 15).

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