Swin-Biz-Rockstar 2022

SWIN-BIZ-ROCKSTAR contest aims at fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and nurturing the capability of initiating and managing new businesses for Swinburne students and external participants with an interest in entrepreneurship.

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The contest is designed to create a platform for Swinburne students and participants to showcase their entrepreneurial ideas and from that to have interaction with and receive mentoring, and training from competent, experienced businessmen.

May be an image of 3 people, people standing, indoor and text that says "MARKET PROBLEM What is your issue when using fitness app? 215 responses Difficulty carrying outots Exercise me motivated uitable pre-se 91.6% 6% Difficulty accessing 76.3% Lacko knowledge aboutthe exercises 65.6% 6% No directio during 62.3% exercise process 74. 74.9% Other 9.8% 83.3 100 150 200"The topics for Swin-Biz-Rockstar (Season 2) will address the recent trends for start-ups in the business world. The proposed entrepreneurial ideas should provide novel solutions to tackle economic, social, and environmental issues for achieving valuable social change, and the solutions should have sustainable, scalable, and measurable social impacts.

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