Swinburne Debate Tournament with SDS Club

Debate is a great way to develop critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. It allows participants to look at topics from different perspectives, discuss potential solutions and gain a deeper understanding of issues. In recognition of this, the Swinburne Debate Tournament (SDT) is the first debate tournament for Swinburne Vietnam students organized by the Swinburne Debate Society (SDS). It is also equal access for all women and men to an affordable and quality technical tournament designed to provide a new platform, an innovative learning environment for students who have an interest in debating. Throughout the tournament, SDS transmitted the spirit of this intellectual sport to all students of Swinburne Vietnam and foster understanding of SDGs through its topics.

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Preparation is key when competing in the SDT. Before competing, it is important for competitors to research their topic and potential arguments related to that topic. It is also important for competitors to practice their speech making skills, so that they can effectively express their points of view in public debates. SDT is an invaluable vocational and tertiary education opportunity for Swinburne Vietnam students, as they are provided an interesting learning environment to engage in constructive debates. Organised by SDS, the tournament allowed debate lovers or “newbies” at the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City locations to come together and exchange ideas. The ultimate goal of SDT is to transmit the spirit of this intellectual sport to all students of Swinburne Vietnam, allowing them to gain knowledge from a different perspective and sharpen their debating skills.

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SDG4 and SDT come hand-in-hand with each other, while SDG4 set the theme to provide a space for competitors to learn more about and prepare for future debates, SDT allows students to apply their newly learned skills to real-life situations. SDG4 also encourages competitors to work together and share their knowledge with each other, creating a more collaborative and competitive environment for SDT participants.

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