Inter-cultural Communication Fieldtrip

Teach students of intercultural adoption, adaptation, and communication in Southern Vietnam in the early XX Century, laying the foundation for current integration by Vietnam to the World.

Itinerary is as follows:
1. A short study tour of a Start-up wine-producing Business (Vang CY):
– To identify the varieties of grapes marked with product names
– To observe the locally sustainable business model
– East-West merging cultures and communication (visitation to Cao Dai Temple)

Bà chủ vườn nho chia sẻ về câu chuyện khởi nghiệp mô hình kinh doanh độc đáo
2. To explore a unique architectural style that reflects its blended traditional culture and religion:

– Caodaism completely merging different faiths and rather mysterious from the anthropological perspective.

3. Change making Place and People who made history (visitation to Cu Chi Tunnel):
– To learn a lesson in the power of humans in determining success or failure, not the technicality

Chuyến đi đã giúp sinh viên Swinburne Việt Nam có thêm nhiều kiến thức mới về lịch sử - văn hoá

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