Intercultural Event – Strength lies in differences, not in similarities

The Intercultural Event – “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” was organized to promote cultural diversity and bring together Swinburne Vietnam and ASEAN students.

 The event was organized in collaboration with the FPT Global and Swinburne Danang. The organizing team worked to create a lively and interactive atmosphere with a variety of activities such as traditional games, fashion shows, and musical performances. Additionally, they prepared a wide range of traditional foods and beverages from different countries to encourage participants to explore and learn about diverse cultures.


The event was a great success with many positive outcomes. Firstly, it helped to build a sense of community and inclusion among students from different cultures. They were able to share their own unique customs, traditions, and practices, and appreciate those of others. Secondly, the event provided opportunities for students to develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills through participating in team games and performances. Finally, the event promoted cultural understanding and appreciation, which is essential for building a harmonious and diverse society.


The event aligns with Commonwealth aspect as it brought together students from different backgrounds to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding. The collaboration between Swinburne Danang and ASEAN students also promotes cross-border partnerships and international cooperation. Overall, the Intercultural Event supports the development of a more inclusive and united society by celebrating cultural diversity and fostering intercultural partnerships.

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