INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2023 – Dare to be, Khi ta dám

“International Women’s Day 2023 – Dare to be, Khi ta dám” was organized by Swinburne Vietnam and GDG MienTrung to connect the local IT community with the International Women’s Day 2023 program – especially for women in the Technology industry.


Come to this event, our guests: Ms. Quynh Nguyen (WTM Ambassador & Frontend Engineer, NFQ Asia), Ms. My Linh (Technical Leader, NAL Solutions), Ms. Hang Nguyen (Software Engineer, CMC Global), and Ms. Phuong Lam (Principal Test Engineer, KMS Healthcare HCM), contributed to delightful conversations and topics of the IT industry, along with challenges and efforts to become a better version day by day.

“IT is just for men” are all common thoughts that many women have experienced when entering the IT industry. “No matter your gender, opportunities will come to those who are qualified”, strong claim from our expert – Ms. My Linh to disprove the gender stereotype.


With the relation to Common – Wealth aspect, the event aims to explore the the different perspectives of women in Tech, as well as initially introduce/train the necessary tools/skills for the job and help them share emotions through engaging networking activities.

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