Road to TED | Storytelling Techniques

The “Road to TED | Storytelling Techniques” workshop organized by Swinburne Vietnam in Da Nang is aimed at developing students’ skills in using storytelling techniques to convey a message effectively. The event is organized to prepare students for the upcoming TEDxSwinburneDanang event scheduled to be held at Swinburne Danang in April.

 The workshop was designed to provide participants with a better understanding of the art of storytelling and how to use it to convey a message effectively. It focused on analyzing the techniques used by TED speakers and famous TED talks. Through the workshop, students had the opportunity to analyze these techniques and apply them to their daily lives, making their speeches more engaging and persuasive.


The workshop was organized in a participatory manner, with group discussions, role-playing activities, and practical exercises. The outcome of the workshop was to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a compelling message using storytelling techniques.

The event is related to Common – Wealth as it aims to develop students’ communication skills and help them become better communicators. Effective communication is a critical component of education, and this workshop provides students with the tools and techniques necessary to communicate their ideas and messages effectively.

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