SwinPride 2022

June is Pride Month, which supports and celebrates the LGBTQ+ community’s diverse gender identities, voices, and lives while also raising awareness and showing support for their rights. Swinburne Vietnam values student diversity, regardless of gender identity in the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone can use their personal ego to be proud of their own beauty. Every individual, every person deserves to be loved and respected by everyone.


Immersed in the colorful atmosphere of this year’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Swinburne Vietnam promises a variety of exciting activities associated to SDG4, SDG5 and SDG17 that will allow students to share their thoughts, feelings, and connect with people in the community who are LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+. Collab with VOPA (LGBTQ+ Club) to celebrate Pride Month 2022 at Swinburne HCMC with exciting on-campus activities (booth game, check-in board, merchandise booth,..)

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