The Choco Workshop

March, we have a special day to express appreciation to all the female figures in our lives. If you’re low on inspiration for a unique surprise this year, Swin Appétit’s here to help. What could be more precious than a meaningful handmade gift to your special woman? The Choco Workshop by Swin Appétit will give you an opportunity to make your own chocolate box for your beloved one. With your love and sincerity, we believe that you will create such a unique gift that’ll make anyone feel special.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 2 người, mọi người đang đứng và trong nhà

The Choco Workshop was created by Student HQ in association with Swin Appétit club with the aim that this is both an opportunity for you to freely express your feelings and create wellbeing value for others as the SDG3 criterion of UNESCO

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