UNESCO Youth Forum 2022

On Monday 13 June 2022, Swinburne students had an opportunity to take part in the UNESCO Youth Forum 2022, where they engaged in a dialogue with intergenerational activists on their needs, priorities, and aspirations regarding their overall state of education.

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Gathered together with youth from different backgrounds and cultures, our students discussed issues related to UNESCO’s SDG 4 – Quality Education in the post-COVID-19 context. The Youth Forum addressed three key thematics pertaining to Youth Unemployment, Literacy and Skills Development; Green Skills for Climate Action; and Embracing Active and Global Citizenship. Concluding with the Ways Forward session, we identified key recommendations and potential pathways to improve young people’s meaningful engagement in promoting lifelong learning and skills.

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Besides SDG 4 for quality education, UNESCO Youth Forum also played an important role in contributing to students’ knowledge on SDG 17. This Forum focused on target 17.16, about mobilizing and sharing knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in all countries.

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