INF30018 – Information Systems Management

INF30018     |        Credit Points: 12.5       |       Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Duration                                             Contact hours

One Semester                                     38 hours


187.5 credit points
Introduction to Business Information Systems (INF10003)



Aims and Objectives

Students will learn to identify and understand issues facing IS managers in the management of information systems. In particular, students will develop an understanding of the importance of aligning information systems operations and strategy to business operations and strategy and explore techniques and tools for analysing and improving the degree of alignment between business and the information systems function. Moreover, the role of architecture as an analysis and design framework for organisational information systems will be explored. Students will be equipped to contextualise organisational structure and governance of the information systems function to support managers in improving their control and risk management over the information systems function.
Students who successfully complete this unit, will be able to:
1. Apply appropriate analytical tools to align business and IS strategies and improve planning and decision-making
2. Analyse and evaluate problems, opportunities and challenges in IS management and make recommendations based on sound IS management theory and practice
3. Evaluate issues in the management of relationships between IS and the host organisation demonstrating sensitivity to cross-cultural and interpersonal communication issues associated with the successful management of global IS teams
4. Communicate effectively as a professional and function as an effective leader or member of a diverse team

General Skills Outcome

During this unit students will receive feedback on the following key generic skills:

• Problem solving skills
• Analysis skills
• Teamwork skills
• Ability to tackle unfamiliar problems, and
• Ability to work independently