MGT10001 – Introduction to Management

MGT10001       |       12.5 Credit Points       |       Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Duration                                             Contact hours

One Semester                                       36 hours





Aims and Objectives

This unit provides students with the foundational knowledge and skills concerning the role and functions of management. These frameworks support a critical analysis of individual or organisational operations and performance in the light of business opportunities and pressures, societal expectations and environmental contingencies. These insights enable students to identify their role as future managers, and to map their contribution to creating value at both an individual and organisational level.

After successfully completing this unit, you will be able to:
1. Describe and apply foundational managerial concepts skills and complex business environments
2. Work together effectively in diverse teams
3. Design creative solutions to management problems and advocate for their implementation
4. Identify and describe how managers monitor the effectiveness of employees, work groups, and organisations

General Skills Outcome

– Teamwork skills
– Analysis skills
– Problem solving skills
– Communication skills
– Ability to tackle unfamiliar problems
– Ability to work independently