OJT – On the Job Training

Swinburne’s On the Job Training Program is an opportunity for students to undertake a ‘real world learning’ experience and gain valuable work experience. This program will provide students with an opportunity to apply concepts and principles of their discipline in a workplace setting in industry and to better appreciate the nature of employment in the industry. On completion of this unit students will be able to:
• Demonstrate an understanding of the professional workplace.
• Effectively participate and contribute to the workplace.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the connection between academic knowledge, practical application and career opportunities.

Swinburne’s On the Job Training Program are a workplace experience one full semester, but may also be taken in intensive mode. Interns are unpaid, earn credit towards their degrees and participate in regular online learning activities as part of the unit. This semester aims to support students to develop their understanding of ‘learning to work’, focusing on students’ professional discipline area/s of study.

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to complete the following unit learning outcomes via a discipline-centric approach by:
1. Negotiating realistic work objectives;
2. Reflecting on significant incidents/s in the workplace to identify the realities of industry practice for career development;
3. Demonstrating effective communication skills for a range of audiences;
4. Documenting work undertaken in a professional context.

Swinburne approval criteria:

1. Eligibility requirements met
2. Internship secured
3. Internship position complies with the requirements of Swinburne’s On the Job Training Program.


• Domestic and international undergraduate students enrolled in a standard three or four-year degree program.
• Selection criteria will be based on the capabilities required for the internship
• Domestic and international students are eligible.

Securing an internship:

• Selection is via a process managed by the Academic Department and StudentHQ Department
• Selection may include an interview with the industry partner.
• Students may source their own internship however they must be approved by Swinburne in consultation with the relevant Faculty. Students must liaise with Swinburne to ensure that there is not a pre-existing relationship with that organisation and in conjunction with the relevant Faculty to ensure that the internship meets the requirements of Swinburne’s On the Job Training Program.

Swinburne’s On the Job Training Program Requirements:

• the proposed internship meets the accredited requirements of Swinburne’s On the Job Training Program units;
• the proposed internship meets the definition of a vocational placement under the Fair Work Act:
1. There must be a placement.
2. There must be no entitlement to pay for the work the student undertakes.
3. The placement must be a requirement of the unit.
4. The placement must be approved by the university.
• the proposed internship meets all other internal risk management protocols, and external legal and regulatory requirements.