3 reasons why you don’t want to miss the Health Hackathon 2022

To give wings to technology ideas for the healthcare sector, the Health Hackathon 2022 international programming competition will bring many benefits to young people who have been, are, and will be participating in the technology field. This is a huge advantage in your career but also helps you to contribute to creating a better society.

Be on top of trends and contribute to creating a better tomorrow

With digital technology becoming the norm of everyday life, it is not surprising to see AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things, or Big Data Analysis creating positive innovations in the healthcare industry.

Health Hackathon 2022 will enlighten you with new trends in the application of technology to the healthcare system.

It is also an opportunity for your ideas to be developed and accessible to investors.

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AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data Analysis are creating positive innovations in the healthcare industry

Enhance soft skills and interact with industry professionals and students from all over the world

As an international programming competition, Health Hackathon’s participants are groups of students from grade 12 and universities around the world.

The competition is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with international university and high school students from the same or different majors.

Meeting and cooperating with like-minded friends is also a great time for contestants to improve soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

Improve technical knowledge. receive attractive prizes, and network with global employers

Not only is Health Hackathon a joyful playground, but is also a place for contestants to improve their technical skills. You can also learn other essential skills when participating in training courses specifically designed for the competition. All registered teams have the opportunity to meet, discuss and participate in training sessions with experienced mentors who are leading industry experts from many countries around the world such as the USA, Italy, Brazil, Korea. …

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Participants will have the opportunities to learn from leading experts

Besides, you also have the opportunity to win an attractive cash reward from the Health Hackathon 2022 organisers with the following structure:

  • The first prize: 25,000,000 VND
  • The second prize: 15,000,000 VND
  • The third prize: 10,000,000 VND
  • Two consolation prizes: 5,000,000 VND each team

The winning teams are also granted a certificate of technological innovation from the contest organisers.

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Scan QR code for more information

Currently, Health Hackathon 2022 has officially opened the application. For more details and registration, please visit the link: https://hackathon.swin.edu.vn/

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