Podcast: S-Talk by Student HQ x Media Club

S-Talk Podcast is a student-led project organized by Student HQ and GLAMME (Swinburne Danang Media Club) that focuses on the life of Swinburne students. The podcast explores familiar topics for Gen Z and is brought to life through stories, interviews, and sharing experiences. The project has three main themes: story, survival, and success. Topics are brainstormed based on key words such as struggle, skills, sacrifice, sympathy, stress, and scholarship, among others.

CaptureThe outcomes of the S-Talk project have been significant for the Swinburne community. Through the podcast, students have had the opportunity to share their experiences, challenges, and successes, inspiring others to overcome difficulties and thrive in their academic and personal lives. The podcast has also served as a platform to showcase the diverse talents, perspectives, and backgrounds of Swinburne students, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

The S-Talk project is related to SDG 11, sustainable communities, as it promotes inclusivity, diversity, and social cohesion. By sharing stories and experiences, the podcast contributes to creating a more tolerant and understanding community, breaking down barriers and reducing inequalities. Furthermore, by providing a platform for students to share their perspectives and ideas, the project encourages innovation, creativity, and critical thinking, essential components of sustainable development.

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