Tet Festival 2023: Tradition & Togetherness

The Tet Festival 2023 was an event organized by Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program – Danang to celebrate the traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year with students and staff members. The event showcased the richness and diversity of Vietnamese culture through various activities and performances. Traditional customs such as “Tò he” (clay figurine making) and “Xin chữ” (writing calligraphy) were demonstrated, allowing participants to learn about and experience the customs firsthand. The event also featured a performance of traditional Vietnamese musical instruments, including the dan bau, dan tranh, and dan nguyet, adding a musical element to the celebration. Folk games such as tug of war and sack racing were also organized, providing an opportunity for participants to engage in physical activities and interact with one another.

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The outcomes of the event were positive, as it brought together people from different backgrounds to celebrate a common tradition and promote cultural diversity. Participants were able to learn about and appreciate the beauty of Vietnamese culture, while also fostering a sense of community and togetherness. Through this event, Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program – Danang contributed to the promotion of SDG 11, sustainable development, by encouraging the preservation and celebration of cultural diversity and promoting social inclusion and cohesion.

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