R U OK? Connect and Care

How can you effectively communicate that you’re here to hear to the people you care about?

R U OK? Week is an event dedicated to raising awareness and promoting mental health and well-being conversations. It serves as a reminder to check in on the people around us and ask the simple yet powerful question, “R U OK?”. The initiative aims to foster a supportive and compassionate community where individuals feel comfortable seeking help and support when needed.

When we genuinely listen with an open mind, it can make a profound difference in helping individuals feel connected and supported. To promote awareness about recognizing when someone might be facing difficulties and how we can extend support to one another, R U OK? has developed four simple steps for initiating a conversation that could change a life. 

  1.  Ask R U OK?
  2.  Listen
  3.  Encourage action
  4.  Check in

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Establishing trust and actively listening in a secure and confidential setting are crucial elements when engaging in a meaningful “R U OK?” conversation. Additionally, selecting the right time and place to discuss someone’s emotions and life circumstances can significantly contribute to the effectiveness of the conversation. 

  • During breaks from work or study;
  • When engaged in a shared activity side-by-side;
  • When connecting or participating in activities together online;
  • During social gatherings or outings;
  • While sharing a meal;

In recognition of R U OK? Week, Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program has been organised activities in campuses, with plenty of activities to enjoy while meaningfully connecting with your fellow students and staff.

Hanoi Campus

Activity Location Date and Time
Mood Board – “How do you feel?”
Reflect on your emotions throughout and stick the emoji on the mood board.
2 Duong Khue & 80 Duy Tan 23 – 27 October
Box of Emotions: Sweets for the Soul
Select a sweet from one of the three boxes, namely sadness, neutral, and happiness to represent emotions.
2 Duong Khue & 80 Duy Tan 23 – 27 October
Problem-Suggestion Box
Write down your own issues and put them into the blind box.
2 Duong Khue & 80 Duy Tan 24 – 27 October
Movie Night
Watch and discuss the movie together. Free popcorn and soft – drinks are provided.
Community Room, Level 2, 2 Duong Khue 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
24 October
Colorful Expression Runway
Wear colorful clothing that represents a range of different feelings.
2 Duong Khue & 80 Duy Tan 25 October
Comfort Items
Bring familiar items that provide a sense of safety.
2 Duong Khue & 80 Duy Tan 25 October
Motivational Quotations
Take a random short motivational quote.
2 Duong Khue & 80 Duy Tan 26 October
Sweet Expressions: Cupcake Decoration
Decorate your own cupcake.
Recreation Room, Level 7, 2 Duong Khue 10:00 am – 12: 00 pm
26 October
Emotion Photo Booth
Take a photo to express your feelings.
2 Duong Khue 27 October
Friday Night
Join a music show hosted by Soundwave Club and StudentHQ.
Community Room, Level 2, 2 Duong Khue 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
27 October


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Ho Chi Minh Campus

Activity Location Date and Time
Workshop: “Healthy Meal – Healthy Mind”
Provide information on the correlation between diet and mental well-being.
A35 Bach Dang, Tan Binh Ward 2:00 – 5:00 pm
12 September
Talkshow: “It’s Wellbeing Time – Embracing Change”
Share the ways to cope with challenges from freshmen and senior students. 
A35 Bach Dang, Tan Binh Ward 2:30 – 4:00 pm
13 September
Movie Night: Friday Fun
Watch and discuss the movie together. 
A35 Bach Dang, Tan Binh Ward 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
15 September

More R U OK? Resources

Support is available

If you ask someone, or even yourself, R U OK? and the answer is ‘No’, support is available. Students can book a counselling session via the Student Portal or Picktime app. 

3 2 1Address 

  • Hanoi: R U OK? Hub, Level 3, No. 2 Duong Khue, Cau Giay District. 
  • Da Nang: Well-being Room, Level 1, 2A Road 2 September 9, Hai Chau District.
  • HCMC: StudentHQ, Level 2, A35 Bach Dang, Tan Binh District.
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