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Field trip to Moc Chau for Business Student

Field trip – A practical learning experience

Swinburne Vietnam has organized a field trip with practical experience for second-year students at Moc Chau’s agricultural enterprises



During this trip, Dr. Tran Thi Bich Hanh – Marketing and Innovation lecturer directly guides students to communicate with businesses. In this trip, students have the opportunity to visit Eco Farm – Hoang Phuong Company, Nàka Valley Agricultural Cooperative and Ami Farm. The selected enterprises are mainly work in the field of farming specialty agricultural products and tourism in Moc Chau city. This field trip aims to help students learn about customers’ insights and behaviors, discuss together to give marketing directions.

The Business trip is a program designed as an opportunity to help students apply theoretical knowledge to real case studies by direct approaching business markets with their inspired leaders. Previously, the Dat Lat field trip in 2019 helped students adequately understand businesses’ strategies and difficulties during the operation process. Accordingly, the Moc Chau trip is expected to continue bringing Swinburne Vietnam students more experience and practical skills.

Swinburne students get to learn from practical experiences that will prepare them for the real-life working environment. Here at Swinburne, students are the center of our work philosophy. Hence, programs are designed to ensure that our students have a world-class education while providing them multiple opportunities for realistic learning environments. 

Follow Swinburne’s Business faculty and Swinburne Vietnam fanpage for more information about our activities in general and field trips in particular.

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