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Tin tức


Starting universities can be both exciting and overwhelming, but we are here to help! 

Join us from Friday 15th to 18th October for the first step into your journey at Swinburne Vietnam at Orientation Week (O Week).

Seize this opportunity to build connections and meet current students, be introduced to the Swinburne community, services, opportunities and the range of clubs and sports you can join at Swinburne Vietnam.

What is O Week?

O Week offers exciting activities and programs which will provide you with support if you need some guidance, peer advice or are just feeling overwhelmed as you start your Swinburne journey. It is an exciting introduction to university life and gives you the chance to get to know your campus and classmates before you even step into a lecture.

I’m excited – How to join?

Complete the registration form: HERE

O Week Schedule

You will have a busy week getting to know your new home and friends for the next three years. So stay tuned and follow our schedule below: 

Zoom Link to join: https://zoom.us/j/94219032438?pwd=QWp0Qm1kNXkyeDkrSmJKc3haSEl0UT09/ 

Should you have any questions or need further information on this issue, please contact us: studentHQ@fe.edu.vn   

We are here to help you have a great start with your university journey!


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