Selective Units

Tùy vào kế hoạch triển khai tại thời điểm lựa chọn, sinh viên có thể chọn bất kỳ môn học nào sau đây:

COS30008 – Data Structures and Patterns

COS10022 – Introduction to Data Science

SWE30004 – Software Deployment and Evolution

INF30020 – Information Systems Risk and Security

INF30027 – Business Information Systems Industry Project

INF20016 – Big Data Management

HRM20017 – Managing Workplace Relations

PRM30001 – Project Management Essentials

MGT30005 – Strategic Planning

INF30015 – Knowledge Management and Analytics

MGT20007 – Organisational Behaviour

MGT20006 – Business and Society

LAW20019 – Law of Commerce

MKT30017 – Innovative Branding

MKT20021 – Integrated Marketing Communication

MKT30016 – Marketing Strategy and Planning

MKT20019 – Marketing Research and Analytics

MKT20032 – Frontiers in Digital Marketing

MKT30018 – Marketing Insights

MKT20031 – Marketing and Innovation

MKT20025 – Consumer Behaviour

INB30011 – International Investment and Economic Development

SCM20003 – Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

INB30013 – International Finance and Law

INB30020 – Sustainable International Business Strategy

INB20012 – Asian Regionalism and Global Business

INB20009 – Global and Digital Marketplaces

INB20007 – Global Business Cultures

INB10002 – International Business Operations

MDA30017 – Media Analytics and Visualisation

MDA30012 – Researching Social Media Publics

MDA30007 – Media and Communications Project B

MDA20011 – Sports/Advertising/Media

MDA20010 – The Media in Australia

MDA20009 – Digital Communities

MDA20003 – Networked Selves

MDA10006 – Innovation Cultures: Perspectives on Science and Technology

COM30002 – Professional Practice: Client and Agency Management 

ADV30002 – Advertising Management and Campaigns Project

ADV30001 – Advertising Media Planning and Purchasing

MDA20001 – Business of Media

ADV20002 – Concept Development and Copywriting

ADV20001 – Advertising Issues: Regulations, Ethics & Cultural Considerations

ADV10001 – Principles of Advertising

PUB30003 – Public Relations Project and Campaign Planning

PUB30002 – Issues, Crisis and Risk Communication

PUB30001 – Event Management

PUB20003 – Public Relations Writing

PUB20002 – Public Relations Theory and Practice

PUB20001 – Global Relations Practice

MDA10008 – Global Media Industries

MDA10001 – Introduction to Media Studies

JOU10007 – Media Content Creation

COM10007 – Professional Communication Practice

SWE30010 – Managing IT Projects

INF30029 – Information Technology Project Management

ICT30005 – Professional Issues in Information Technology

ICT30001 – Information Technology Project 

ICT10001 – Problem Solving with ICT

INF10002 – Database Analysis and Design

COS10005 – Web Development

COS10009 – Introduction to Programming

MGT10001 – Introduction to Management

INF10003 – Introduction to Business Information Systems

BUS30024 – Advanced Innovative Business Practice

ACC10007 – Financial Information for Decision Making

BUS30009 – Industry Consulting Project

BUS10012 – Innovative Business Practice

ECO10004 – Economic Principles

MKT10007 – Fundamentals of Marketing

INF30004 – Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation

INF30018 – Information Systems Management

INF30030 – Business Analytics

COS30020 – Advanced Web Development

COS10004 – Computer Systems

COS10003 – Computer and Logic Essentials

COS20019 – Cloud Computing Architecture

COS30015 – IT Security

INF20010 – Database Systems 

COS30019 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

SWE30011 – IoT Programming

COS30043 – Interface Design and Development

COS30017 – Software Development for Mobile Devices

COS20007 – Object-Oriented Programming

COS20001 – User-Centred Design

TNE10005 – Network Administration